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Programme announced - E-SOCIAL SECURITY 2.0 - 22 September 2022 20-07-2022


High-level conference on the digitalisation of social security

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) is organising its annual high-level conference on 22 September 2022 in Brussels. This year we will focus on a very timely topic: digitalisation of social security.


Ensuring adequate social protection for platform workers 15-07-2022


ESIP position paper on the directive on platform work

ESIP publishes today its position on the European Commission proposal for a Directive on Improving the working conditions of platform workers. The statutory social protection institutions represented within ESIP welcome the proposal as support to tackle the challenge linked to the emergence of platform work. 

Strong evidence for informed & timely decisions for the benefit of all patients 21-06-2022


ESIP-MEDEV views on the revision of the EU general pharma legislation

The upcoming proposal by the European Commission on the revision of the EU general pharmaceuticals legislation, expected by the end of 2022, intends to address shortcomings in terms of access to and availability of new treatments. Safety, quality and affordability are crucial elements for bringing effective medicines to the market with
significant benefits for patients and healthcare systems’ sustainability.

New risks, new resources and prospects for social protection in Europe 02-06-2022


ESIP workshop on the future of social protection - 28 June in Brussels

Is there a risk of erosion of social protection systems due to the ageing of the population in Europe? How can we find new resources to ensure the sustainability of our systems? What new risks should be covered by social protection?