First insights into the Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap

As the European Commission launches the debate on the future Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, ESIP provided its first insights to the published roadmap. ESIP overall welcomes the Commission’s initiative and calls for a balanced approach taking into consideration both access to innovation that responds to unmet medical need and support to the financial sustainability of health systems.

In terms of access and availability, ESIP supports a broad review of the regulatory framework on pharmaceuticals and intellectual property rights. Incentives should target innovative therapies addressing real unmet medical need and be linked to market launch obligations ensuring equitable access and continuous supply. The discussion on medicine shortages and possible solutions such as diversification and measures to relocate production to Europe is also essential.

In order to ensure affordability of medicines and the sustainability of health systems, ESIP welcomes the aim of enhancing cooperation on cost-effectiveness, pricing and reimbursement decisions and procurement. ESIP also calls for a review of how EU investment in funding programmes is reflected in pharmaceutical prices, and the inclusion of conditionality clauses for public return on public investment.

Enabling innovation also requires giving clear orientation to healthcare systems’ needs in EU investment in research and innovation, and involving all stakeholders, healthcare professionals, patients and payers in priority-setting.

Finally, in the context of competitiveness, ESIP considers that high social and occupational health standards should also be upheld alongside quality, safety and environmental standards for medicines marketed in the EU.

ESIP will continue to follow closely the development of the Strategy and provide its input to the ongoing public consultation. Find out more in our feedback.