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Transparency in the EU's Vaccines Strategy 18-09-2020


ESIP joins the Fair Pricing Coalition calling for transparent investment on COVID-19 vaccines

The COVID-19 crisis has put strains on healthcare system in Europe and across the world. In the attempt to overcome the crisis, the EU engaged in a number of measures and initiatives aimed at countering disruptions in the European health, economic and social systems. Amongst others, the COVID-19 European vaccine strategy, based on Advance Purchase Agreements (APAs), has been used for the join procurement of vaccines for COVID-19.

The future of EU Pharma beyond COVID-19 15-09-2020


ESIP responds to the Public Consultation on the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

Ahead of the release of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) submitted its contribution to the related Public Consultation and welcomed the Commission’s initiative to ensure equal access to safe, quality and affordable medicines, while promoting the sustainability of healthcare systems.

ESIP calls for patient-centered data spaces 31-07-2020


Feedback to the Commission's roadmap on Common European Data Spaces

Following the publication of the roadmap on a new 'Legislative framework for the governance of common European data spaces', ESIP released today its feedback on the creation of a Single Market for data. Among the sectoral European data spaces envisaged is one on health. ESIP overall welcomes the Commission’s initiative to increase and improve the accessibility, usability and interoperability of data – both held by public sector bodies and consented data voluntarily provided by individuals and companies. The initiative also aims at reducing the costs of data transformation and transaction.

Health is wealth: for a strong EU health policy 24-07-2020


ESIP calls for a more ambitious EU4Health Programme

On 21 July, European leaders reached an agreement on the EU budget for the next seven years for a total amount of €1.074 billion. They also agreed on the temporary Next Generation EU instrument providing an additional €750 billion to support economic recovery which will be raised on the financial markets by the European Commission on behalf of the EU.

Building a balanced pharma strategy 07-07-2020


First insights into the Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap

As the European Commission launches the debate on the future Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, ESIP provided its first insights to the published roadmap. ESIP overall welcomes the Commission’s initiative and calls for a balanced approach taking into consideration both access to innovation that responds to unmet medical need and support to the financial sustainability of health systems.

Setting the path towards fair medicine prices 06-07-2020


Joint statement of EU public health stakeholders

Current pharmaceutical prices are set at levels that come at the expense of the access for patients and the sustainability of healthcare systems. As a result, a reflection on fair medicines has gained traction over the past years. A coalition of 12 European and international organisations, including ESIP, put forward recommendations for the EU to reach fairer drug pricing.

Fighting anti-microbial resistance 23-06-2020


A dual approach to protect public health

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), defined as “the ability of a microorganism to stop an antimicrobial from working against it”[i], is a growing global public health threat, with 30 000 patients in the EU dying annually as a result of infections caused by resistant bacteria, while antibiotic consumption in the EU almost doubled between 2010 and 2014[ii]. The European Commission is launching discussions on ways to tackle AMR and to address the lack of new antimicrobials, in the context of its upcoming Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

As a contribution to this discussion, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) representing the statutory social insurances in 17 Member States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, would like to raise awareness amongst decision-makers of the importance of tackling the spread of AMR by improving infection prevention and control as well as increasing the development and availability of new effective antimicrobials inside and outside the EU.

COVID-19: Joint letter to the European Commission 19-03-2020


Statement on the current developments of the COVID-19 pandemic

On 18th March 2020, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) signed a joint letter addressed to the European Commission on the response at EU level to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The statement was co-signed by AIM (the International Association of Health Care Mutuals and Health Care Funds), CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) and HOPE (the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation).

ESIP, together the with co-signatories, welcome the ‘Corona Response Investment Initiative’ and offer their full support on the European Union’s efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. While slowing down the spread of the virus, it is essential to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to suitable equipment and that patients receive appropriate treatment.  The discussion against vital medicine shortages in Europe remains important, in particular Europe’s dependency on single sourcing in the production and distribution chain of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

As European level representatives of the health care community, ESIP, AIM, CPME and HOPE remain at the disposal of the European Commission to provide any information and support they can in tackling this and similar health threats in the future.

Find out more in the statement.

For a true “Health in all policies” approach 03-03-2020


ESIP gives its feedback to the Roadmap on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

The European Commission recently published a roadmap outlining the main aspects of the future Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. ESIP welcomes this initiative as a way to raise the profile of health at EU level and gave its feedback to the roadmap.

Tackling cancer: for a healthier future for EU citizens 04-02-2020


ESIP's first comments on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

ESIP welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to raise the profile of health at EU level, in particular with the future Europe's Beating Cancer Plan.