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ESIP position paper on ELA 28-08-2018


How will the ELA impact on the coordination of social security systems?

The European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) welcomes the proposal for a Regulation to establish a European Labour Authority as a way to ensure fair labour mobility in the internal market and to prevent social dumping and fraud.

ESIP is recruiting! 07-08-2018


Job offer - office manager/administrative assistant

ESIP is looking for a highly motivated and results-driven individual to contribute to the daily work of our international office in Brussels from September 2018.

19h per week - initial fixed-term contract 12 months (possible permanent contract thereafter) - additional benefits package

Applications by - 21 August 2018  Interviews - 27-31 August 2018

(UN)EMPL working group 06-03-2018


Successful launch of the (UN)EMPL working group

On 20 February, ESIP held the first meeting of the (UN)EMPL working group. Representatives of seven organisations from within and outside of the ESIP structure came together to discuss hot topics on the European agenda in the field of employment and unemployment services and benefits.

The ESSN: much left to the imagination? 18-01-2018


ESIP responds to the public consultation on the European Social Security Number

On 27 November 2017, the European Commission launched a public consultation on future proposals for a European Labour Authority and a European Social Security Number. Despite the limited time frame of this consultation, ESIP responded to the consultation as these initiatives have a major impact on statutory social security systems as first actors concerned.

European Pillar of Social Rights: a blank page? 17-11-2017


The Proclamation leaves room for uncertainty

On 17 November, the Presidents of the three main EU institutions agreed to proclaim the European Pillar of Social Rights on the occasion of the Social Summit in Gothenburg. ESIP welcomes this inter- institutional proclamation as a way to achieve convergence in the European Union towards a high level of social security for EU citizens.                                                                                               

State of the Union: from ambition to reality? 14-09-2017


ESIP calls for clarification in follow-up of State of the Union speech

On 13 September 2017, Jean-Claude Juncker gave his very anticipated annual speech on the State of the European Union. ESIP was all ears on this occasion, as the European Commission was setting out the political direction of the EU institutions’ work. 

Looking back at our achievements 14-07-2017


ESIP Activity Report 2016-2017

What has ESIP worked on in 2016-2017? Find out more about ESIP's activities and results in 2016 and 2017 in our Activity Report.


ESIP gets a refreshed look 17-02-2017


Welcome to our new website!

ESIP launches today a brand new website to start off 2017.

You will find our latest news on our frontpage according to the branches of social security we cover.

Social security coordination 17-01-2017


The European Commission puts forward its proposal for a targeted revision

 ESIP will follow with attention these developments and underlines the need to preserve the sustainability of social security systems.

20th Anniversary Conference 30-11-2016


The European Pillar of Social Rights: perspectives for social security

ESIP’s 20th Anniversary Conference was the opportunity to explore the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) focusing on the perspectives it brings for social insurers. We were pleased to hear the views of Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility and Allan Larsson, Special Adviser to President Juncker on the EPSR as well as representatives of the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and social insurers.