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Unemployment benefits

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 Kansakoulukuja 1, 00100 Helsinki

European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Collecting unemployment insurance contributions
  2. Financing unemployment benefits and financing and implementing adult student benefits
  3. Law-making process and the EU-legislation
  4. Developing social dialogue at the European level
  5. EMU policies on finance

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    The Employment Fund brings security amid labour market changes by collecting unemployment insurance contributions used for funding earnings-related unemployment benefits and promoting employees' competence development through adult education benefits. The Employment Fund is an important part of the Finnish social security system, and all employers and 16-64-year-old employees in Finland are its customers. The Employment Fund is an organisation established by law and managed by the labour market parties. The Employment Fund was launched on 1 January 2019 through the merger of TVR and the Education Fund. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority is the Employment Fund's regulator. The Employment Fund has a staff of some 150. The Fund provides advice to its customers in matters concerning unemployment insurance contributions and adult education benefits, and contributes to changes to legislation in its sector. Please visit Employment Fund’s website to check the up-to-date annual insurance contributions and financial facts of the Fund’s economy.

Membership Info

If you are a national organisation responsible for statutory social insurance and would like information on becoming an ESIP member, please contact the Director.


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