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Employment injuries/occupational diseases

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European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Convergence
  2. Development of profitability
  3. Internalizing of the external costs of the compensation of medical care
  4. Implementation of the work accident cover in the scope of the third Non-life Insurance Directive
  5. Public or private system and the statutory social insurance

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    The FAII functions as the co-ordinating organ of all the insurance companies and institutions which are engaged in statutory accident insurance in Finland. Every insurance company conducting the statutory accident insurance in Finland has to be a member of the FAII (the 13 insurance companies engaged in statutory accident insurance and the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution and the State Treasury). The members of the FAII comprise the General Assembly and Board. On the Federation's Board are represented the insurance companies and also the most important labour market organisations. The main task of the FAII is the co-ordination of the statutory accident insurance system. In the Federation, the Employment Accident Compensation Board also operates to promote uniform practice concerning claims. The additional main responsabilities are: - handling claims in case of negligence - the collection and maintenance of statistics on work accidents and occupational diseases - tasks conncected with stregthening the principles governing insurance premiums - the development of legislation

Membership Info

If you are a national organisation responsible for statutory social insurance and would like information on becoming an ESIP member, please contact the Director.


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