NEAK • Hungary

National Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management

Insured risk(s)/benefits

Sickness benefits - Maternity benefits - Occupational diseases insurance - Invalidity benefits

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European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Homogenous international coding of interventions
  2. International price information of interventions
  3. Future models of healthcare systems
  4. Reimbursement techniques
  5. Benchmarking
  6. Revenue collection
  7. Financial sustainability of healthcare systems
  8. HTA
  9. Cross-border healthcare activities
  10. Mesurement of efficiency of given interventions or drugs

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    In the Hungarian single-payer system,NEAK as a central government agency carries out the tasks relating to the mangement of the National Health Fund. It is supervised by the Minister of Human Resources. The core activity of NEAK is the reimbursement of the operational costs for healthcare services. We cover only benefits in kind to all insured persons, such as preventive examinations, primary healthcare, specialisied inpatient care, specialised outpatient care, certain dental care, rehabilitation, the ambulance service, patient transport and accident-related benefits, drug reimbursement, reimbursement for medicl aids, medical spa services, reimbursement of travel expenses and benefits granted on grounds of equity.

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