Kela • Finland

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Insured risk(s)/benefits

Sickness benefits - Maternity benefits - Invalidity benefits - Old-age pensions - Survivors benefits - Family benefits - Unemployment benefits

European Affairs : -

 P.O.Box 450, 00056 KELA, Finland Nordenskiöldinkatu 12, 00250 Helsinki
 +358 20 63411

European Social and Health Policy focus

  1. Implementation of EU social security coordination rules
  2. Social policy
  3. Health policy

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, is a government agency that provides basic economic security for everyone living in Finland. Kela’s customers comprise everyone living in Finland and anyone living outside Finland who is covered under the Finnish social security system. The schemes administered by Kela include basic pensions, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, benefits for families with children, housing benefits, financial aid and school transport subsidy for students, basic social assistance, benefits and services for persons with disabilities and conscript’s allowance. For more information on the organisation, see and

Membership Info

If you are a national organisation responsible for statutory social insurance and would like information on becoming an ESIP member, please contact the Director.


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